About Search Engine Optimization :

Search Engine Optimization also knew as SEO. It's a process or method for search engine ranking the websites' results when visitors search some "keywords"

About Search Engine Marketing:

Search engine marketing is the function of the description of Google Adwords. The adwords can make the website show on the top of the search engine after pay bids of each keyword.


Both are very important in the online marketing strategy. SEO is cost effective method to get traffics from the search engine. However, the fresh new website cannot get any ranks in the search engine. That may need as least 3 months or longer time to see the results.

SEM need constantly pay to Google because the SEM is advertisement on the search engine, but it's fat. Users can see what they paid instantly.

How To Choose a SEO Company:

1. A professional SEO company must localized. SEO company is a marketing company, not a technical company. Local company understand local culture. 

2. Professional SEO company will provide the consultancy before start doing any optimization. Each website unique. Consultant is same like the doctor asking the patient to find out the prescription. Each patient will get different prescription and each website will get different SEO plan. 

3. Premium SEO services will include the social media marketing strategy. Don't forgot the SEO is not a technical task. The SEO is a online marketing strategy. The services are using for building brand, selling products and services, and generating leads.

What's Keyword ?

It's a word when user input in the search engine. The word can be any inputs.

What's Adwords ?

Adwords is the google search engine advertisement service. The advertisement fee is base on the bidding price of each single keyword in the adword platform.

In Singapore, the average price of each search keyword is $1 around. 100 clicks need $100 per day at least.

What's Ranking Report ?

Ranking report is a group of keywords' ranks results in the search engine.

What's Link Building?

The two important things for the SEO are the contents and backlinks. Backlinks means website referrals links. Link building need corporate with the famous website like news agency to write some news and put the website links inside the news.

What's On-Site SEO?

On-site SEO is optimizing the website contents, structure and codes to improve the website quality. Make it achieve the Google Yahoo and Bing search engine standards. On-Site SEO task include:
  • Title optimization
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Webmaster tool integration
  • Google Business submission
  • Internal link structure checking

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